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Recipe: Wheat Macaroni Pasta

Carbo-loading is a common term we hear from many athletes a day before an event.

Though most of the Indian foods are rich in carbohydrates, we like to go the western way of getting some additional carbohydrates.

Taking additional carbohydrates is not a bad option before a sports event but having it daily for longer time with no or less activity is not recommended.

I started eating pasta long time back but I chose to eat the wheat pasta which is much better than traditional flour pasta.

Nutritional Value (for 1 serving)

Protein: 13.9gms

Carbs: 56.6gms

Fats: 8.8gms

Total calories: 362 cal (approx)


Wheat Pasta - 60gms (Link)

Pasta Sauce - 20gms (Link)

Onion - 80gms (optional)

Cheese cube - 1 piece (Link)

Salt and Oregano flakes as per need for dressing.

Additional oil and salt is not needed as Pasta Sauce contains the required oil and salt.


1. Boil the pasta and drain the water post boiling.

2. Heat a pan and add Pasta Sauce.

3. Add the sliced onions and stir to mix and cook it well.

4. Add the boiled pasta.

5. Mix the ingredients.

6. Add the shredded cheese cube.

7. Add some oregano flakes.

8. Mix again.

The hot pasta is ready to serve.

Note: You can play around with other green vegetables like capsicum, beans or broccoli to make it more healthier. Corn and Carrots can be added too.

Add these items along with the onions before adding pasta and cook well.

You can try different available pasta and pasta sauces. The pasta without sauce is also good but in such cases, add some more salt and other spices.

This is how my pasta looked with vegetables but without sauce.

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