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Recipe: Fruit Parfait by Ritika

Recently my friend shared a healthy recipe without a picture but I was able to picturize how it will look. So I gave it a try to witness it live.

Though I missed out some of the ingredients, it tasted really great.

Nutritional values (As per the ingredients I used)

Protein: 7.8gms

Carbs: 48.1gms

Fats: 7.2gms

Total calories: 290 cal approx


Muesli - 30gms (Muesli I used, Link)

Thick Curd - 30gms (you can also use Yogurt)

Apple - 40gms (approx half)

Banana - 40gms (approx half)

Almond - 10gms (4-5)

Raisin - 10gms (7-8)


A medium glass or bowl will be perfect to enjoy the dish. Slice the apple & banana before you prepare and also chop the dry fruits. Ensure that curd or yogurt is not too cold.

1. In a medium glass or bowl, add a thin layer of muesli.

2. Add a layer of curd/yogurt.

3. Add a layer of sliced apple and banana.

4. Add a layer of dry fruits.

5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 to make multiple layers.

6. Garnish your fruit parfait with some more dry fruits.

Note: You can always play around with the fruits and dry fruits to make your preferred parfait. Honey can be added while garnishing to add some more sweetness.

The one I made had no pomegranate and cashews but you can add them.

Do give a try and let me know how was your experience in the comments section :)

Thank you, Ritika for sharing the recipe.

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