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Eating Dark Chocolate Keeps the Doctors Away!

Indeed, this is quite true, as based on scientific research findings that may alter the image of chocolate forever -- from junk food to healthy food! Isn't it quite refreshing? Millions worldwide would be thrilled to know that the treat they all love is also very beneficial for our health.

So start chanting now, eat chocolate for a healthier you! Before getting excited over this, let us discover what the scientific studies have found out about chocolate, dark chocolate in particular – the type that many people favour. Findings prove that dark chocolate contains more health benefits than white chocolate or milk chocolate. These two latter types actually have higher fat contents and lesser health benefits to consumers. Dark chocolate, also considered bittersweet or semi-sweet chocolate, has been very beneficial for people. One of its foremost benefits is that it enhances your mood and keeps you in a lighter, happier state of emotion. It has serotonin that affects a person much like an anti-depressant would. So now you have discovered why your mood becomes visibly improved after a bar of chocolate on a bad day. Furthermore, aside from soothing us and lightening up our mood, it also improves the flexibility of our blood vessels and thus, eases the circulation of blood in our system. Another outstanding aspect of chocolate that is very beneficial for people is that nutrients can be found in it, now known to prevent cancer. Cacao, an ingredient that dark chocolate has in abundance, contains antioxidants essential for the body to fight free radicals that cause heart ailments and other types of diseases. Flavonoids can be found in chocolate and is a significant enemy of free radicals that may come from other foodstuffs ingested by the body or absorbed from the environment. Flavonoids, called Epicatechins and Catechins, help protect the body's immune system. This is why consuming chocolate with higher cacao content or consuming dark chocolate, for that matter, is healthier. Who would think that minerals are present in it, such as iron and magnesium, even with chocolate's delightfully thick and velvety texture? You know that even if you cannot resist chocolate, you are not wasting yourself away. As long as you keep it moderate, eating chocolate is perfectly healthy! The antioxidants in chocolate have been found beneficial for joints and help in reducing pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. Getting better sleep for a well-rested you on the following day is another benefit of chocolate's antioxidants. Vitamin B is also present, which significantly increase the energy level of the brain and body. Who says that eating chocolate would increase your calorie consumption leading to higher cholesterol and blood pressure levels? Well, they are mistaken – and what's best, we have the studies to prove it! Eating dark chocolate actually even helps lower the body's cholesterol and blood pressure levels. That's a resounding "Yay!" for all chocolate lovers. Even if chocolate has fats and cholesterol, they are the good kind that does not interfere with insulin production in the body. Who says you will develop diabetes if you eat chocolate? These people got it all wrong – a healthy dose of dark chocolate is beneficial for people with diabetes, who must constantly limit their sugar consumption. Since dark chocolate is low in carbohydrates, it is suitable for people with diabetes. However, citing the health benefits of chocolate does not mean that you have to start eating loads of chocolate now. As in all things, excessiveness is not healthy. Remember to keep things in moderation – especially in consuming your favourite chocolate.

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